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Giving Back

"I love what I do because other people are there for me."

Basket Donation

After having the opportunity to write, I like to give back to the community for their endless support and encouragement. I love what I do because other people are there for me; that's what makes sharing stories truly enjoyable. With that in mind, the least I can do is give back to my supporters as a thank you. My parents and I recently put together a reading-themed raffle basket to donate to the Joe Bertram Foundation. This basket includes items such as autographed copies of Landing Among the Stars and The Garden Warrior, resin bookmarks, bracelets, a soft blanket, coffee/hot chocolate mug, and much more!

Joe Bertram Foundation

This foundation was created in honor of former educator, Joe Bertram. His wife and children raise money through different events to provide scholarships to students at the two high schools where Joe shared his passion for learning. I have taken part in some of these events and the Bertram Family continues to cheer me on. This donation is just a small way to give back. Thank you!


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