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"Fall" in Love with a Good Book

"Although I am busy with schoolwork and athletics, I still find time for reading and writing!"

Autumn Has Arrived = New Opportunities

During this time of the year, change occurs, which brings new opportunities! Although I am busy with schoolwork and athletics, I still find time for reading and writing! To discover what books I have read this fall, check out my Goodreads profile:

I am also working on my next book! I have written over 100 pages so far, and I hope to make it available to everyone within the next year. Stay tuned for more updates on this!

Fall is the most busy time of the year for me as a young author because I have to balance my school life with my passion for writing. I am attending many craft shows in autumn, which will provide me with more publicity! However, it can be challenging to stay organized with so many events going on at once. That is one reason why I love having the support of my family, friends, and readers! They keep me motivated through the countless writers blocks and times of chaos.

As a writer, I love to sit outside as I come up with ideas for my stories. The nature around me always sparks my interest and sometimes inspires the scenery in my books! Fall is the perfect time to admire the leaves changing colors and the populated pumpkin patches. These and other occurrences in nature can bring inspiration. If you have read my book The Garden Warrior, you will notice that nature, hence the title, is a main theme. If you have read my small series Landing Among the Stars (#1) or Shooting for the Moon (#2), you'll realize that the sun and the moon played crucial roles in the storyline. Being in nature helps me come up with fun words to describe the scenery I write about.

I know this autumn will be a wonderful time for new opportunities and growth!

What is your favorite season?

  • autumn/fall🎃

  • winter❄️

  • spring🌷

  • summer☀️


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