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Craft Show Time!

"It was a great experience..."

Spring Craft Show

I was recently a vendor at a spring craft show. It was a great experience and I love spending time at this type of event! Everyone was extremely friendly and supportive of me, which made it lots of fun!

What I Sold

Along with selling copies of The Garden Warrior and Landing Among the Stars, I also sold bracelets and bookmarks to go along with my books. Both types of bookmarks were made out of resin and had ribbons with a charm, and the bracelets were equally as interesting! The bookmarks for Landing Among the Stars were different colors and had star/moon glitter inside them. The bracelets were created using small gemstones, silver spacers, and a star charm. The bookmarks for The Garden Warrior contained pressed dried flowers. The bracelets had a faux leather band with a "crystal" heart charm. I am extremely happy that my customers are satisfied with the products they purchased from me. It is heartwarming to know that my books, bracelets, and bookmarks have made a positive impact and inspired young entrepreneurs to follow their dreams.


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