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It is the early 1930s, and a little girl named Diane and her older brother, Christopher, are sent away to live at their grandmother's house for a week. But what Diane does not know is that the secret garden, that is forbidden, is magical. The garden always speaks to her, but Christopher does not believe that is true. Will Diane be able to convince her brother, find out her grandmother's darkest secret, and possibly prove that she is the garden warrior she is supposed to become?

LATS Kindle Cover_edited.jpg

Selena is not an ordinary eleven-year-old girl. She was born with the power to control all you see at night. But Altan with the power of the day, jeopardizes the existence of all creation. After discovering the truth of her past, Selena is determined to keep the universe out of harms way. Selena, along with the rest of the universe, is in grave danger. Will she be able to protect everyone from Altan? Will Selena land among the stars?

Sequel Coming Soon in 2023!

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